Let It Ride tracks your sports bets on MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, SOCCER and college football and basketball games. Choose your teams from drop-down lists and record your bets, including parleys, teases, overs and unders, both against the spread and money line. You can keep multiple accounts to track your wins and losses as well as percentages paid to the house servicing your account, or track how your pick service is doing. A summary section lets you view the totals for every bet between any two dates. There is a statistics page so you can determine which leagues/bets are your strong points. If you use one or more pick services, you can track each ones performance. You can even track the payments to and from your bookmaker so you will always know exactly how much you owe or how much your bookmaker owes you.

AddictWare is a small software company designed for the sole purpose of developing high quality software for the sports gambling community. Our first major release, LET IT RIDE, is a huge success. We expect this success to continue with the release of version 4. Version 4 includes MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, Soccer and NCAA teams. The statistics page allows you to determine which bets and/or which leagues are your most profitable. By using Let It Ride to track the picks from a pick service, you will know exactly how much you are winning/losing. You can track 2-7 game parlays, 2-6 game teasers, Proposition bets, straight, money line and over/unders. Version 4.9 is now available for download !!



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